Front Cover of And Sons Magazine Volume 1
Magazine Article of Hunting Rifle and Scope Review
Magazine Article of Shooting Technique
Magazine Article of Opportunity Think Piece
Magazine Article of the Art of the Tattoo
Magazine Article of Surfing Spread
Magazine Article of Adventure Motorcycle Trips in Colorado

Vol. 1

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Luke Skywalker. 

The Colt Revolver.

The Miracle on Ice. 

They all started with a dream. And then they took a journey. For six(ish) years we’ve published online, made films, produced a podcast, all with one goal: to show, in example after example, the development of the young man's soul. 

Caribou hunting. Working with addiction. Climbing Kilimanjaro. Making world class sausage. And, of course, getting out into the Rockies on two wheels. 

112 pages

8.25" x 10.25"

Perfect bound